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so you've just bought this bag of coffee of your dreams and you want to do it justice.

or you already have a tried and tested method but are thinking of tackling something new. 

or you have never made coffee at home but WFH is driving you to take drastic measures. 

good for you that we have collated a collection of different roasters' brewing methods for you to use and peruse. and you can also save them to your smartphone (simply tap and hold the image once you've opened it and select "save").


ask your barista

if you have questions about brewing methods or grind size for your brew, ask our lovely baristas who will love to help you out. we're all passionate about coffee and want to share our experience and knowledge with others.

we can also help you choose a coffee based on your preferences or recommend our favourites. 

we also always have a batch filter on (we call it batch brew) and it changes regularly and gives you the opportunity to try new beans from new roasters. 


brewing methods & gear 

you can find cafetières in almost any shop that stocks homeware and kitchen utensils.  

v60 filters and filter papers can be found at many coffee shops or online. at lovecrumbs, we stock kinto pourover filters and papers, which are essentially the same as hario v60s. 

the aeropress can also be found in specialty coffee shops and the internet.


furthermore it might be useful to invest in some kitchen scales, should you not already own a set. and we all have phones with timer functions.

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