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many of you will know our gal ursula, she’s been with lovecrumbs since 2013 (😱👯‍♀️), bringing her sassy wit, swissficiency and fabulous style to the cafe. she is super organised, super creative and has some killer coffee skills. we love her 💕 this week she shares some of her loves. in order:

1. my number one babe – emma the angry kiton

2. freeing the ankle in spring – a bit like a caterpillar coming out of the cocoon

3. this song because it is e v e r y t h i n g

4. the ceiling in the portrait gallery which is the most beautiful thing. i sometimes go there just to look at it.

5. this is the first book in a trilogy that meshes magic with russian history. i have reread the whole series several times.

6. naps with cats.

7. watching espresso pour through the filter.

8. house plants because they make your life better and purify the air.

9. babylon berlin, a german neo-noir series set in 1929 weimar republic berlin. i'm only ever so slightly obsessed with it.

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