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our doors have been closed since december and it is with superb joy and equal parts relief that we're throwing them back open to welcome you back! obviously you can still get a takeaway to go on your walks, but you can also take a breather and scoff up the cake from a ceramic plate rather than a box? sound good? sound excellent!

this weekend (first may weekend, wooh, bring your winter coats!) we're open 10 am – 5pm, monday = same time same place. then we're going to be open from WEDNESDAY to MONDAYS from 9 am – 6pm (yep, extra crumbs time).

we don't take bookings but make it a point to seat you lovely keen folks as fast as possible. please know we're flattered and blushing about all the booking requests but will keep operating the first come first serve attitude we've had since we first opened our café nine years ago.

we are also still doing deliveries of cakes baked by the brilliant crew at NICE TIMES BAKERY from thursday to sunday. order your treats online, have them brought to your door step. if you want to send a loved one a little surprise, you can head to our shop and have a wee look around. keep the peepers peeled for new products...

see you soon!!

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